Monday, April 03, 2006

The watering can of our dreams

I (Nada) was looking for a new watering can. I was fed up with various models that I owned and didn't deliver the goods. What was I after? A watering can that could produce a gentle fine spray, that looked good, that was easy to use and lug around my rather steep block but most importantly, one that had a rose that didn't fall off. I wanted to wave goodbye to washed out seeds, traumatised get the picture!

Enter Gardening Australia
and Jerry Coleby-Williams.

He did a story about cuttings in February 2005 and used a watering can that seemed to work. It was beautiful and I had to have it.
So I emailed the show, thinking that it was a prop and they would be able to tell me where they bought it from. Ha! It's our woefully under funded public broadcaster and it wasn't a prop for the show but JCW's very own watering's the response from the man himself.

Dear Nada,

Thanks for your discerning query - you're not the first to ask either! My can is a Haws watering can. Haws is an English firm who make the best watering cans for nursery work. You can get them painted green, but I find the paint splits and peels in time so I always stick to the galvanised ones. They're not cheap - the Finance Manager at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney always complained about the price, but I insisted that the nursery staff exclusively use them. They feel good and they handle very well. The oval brass rose is designed for watering delicate seedlings in trays without flooding or washing them out of the soil and it can be used for routine watering. You simply adjust the droplet size by facing the rose either up or down. Look after your can and rose and they will last a lifetime. I got the one you saw from a specialist firm called Sage Horticultural in 1992 and it cost $135. Contact: Sage Horticultural, 121 Herald Street, Cheltenham, Vic, 3192; Ph: (03) 9553 3777; Fax: (03) 9555 3013

Good luck and happy gardening,


He was right! It was expensive and it would be sometime before I could claim the title “Proud owner of”. Ooooh, I really, really had to have it!

And of course, because Nada and I (Linda) agree on everything, I had to get one too. When the thought of Christmas and its presenty bits arrived in my head it was greeted by this..watering can! And so I suggested to James that perhaps such an item might be essential for our petit jardin. And of course, Nada being the queen of researchers, it had to be THAT watering can. Unfortunately mine arrived before hers, which was controversial. For months Nada had talked about the Haws beauty and now I had one. She didn't. Controversial.

That all changed in the fullness of time, though, and an appropriately few moments later, she did have hers.

IRRIGATE!!!! IRRIGATE!!!!! It works a treat and is indispensible, now that Sydney is under Level 3 watering restrictions.


Blogger anaglyph said...

Watering-can tech! How garden-geek of yez girls. I am impressed.

Now, predictably enough, I need one too...

6:44 pm  
Anonymous kathy said...

Very impressive! I'd love one, but as I am notoriously slack about hand watering........

8:21 am  
Blogger Linda+Nada said...

Ahhh, but with the Haws beauty, watering becomes a delight!

2:04 pm  
Anonymous JR said...

It's going to be 1/2 hourly pH readings, soil thermometers and microgram pruning scales here, isn't it?
Watering can nerds! Ye gods!

9:13 pm  

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