Thursday, August 10, 2006


I've been thinking about global warming and climate's too big
an issue to deal with here plus I am not a scientist......but I have noticed
the definite changes in my area's weather.

It's winter here and cold - not Antarctic - but cold nonetheless. It's also
been wet quite wet which is unusual for a Blackheath winter. Winter is
usually dry and we receive most of our rainfall in the summer
months.....something to do with being a cool climate rainforest area. I
love that it is usually misty in the summer evenings and at Xmas time I can
only find my way home via the light displays on some houses. No comment on
Xmas lights in general!

Odd? Yes. Alarming? Maybe. Long time locals - not me I've only lived here
for 8 years- make comments about the summers being hotter and the winters
wetter. Interesting observations and one of the skills you develop when you
set yourself to gardening. The weather took on greater importance or was it
that my awareness of it became more acute? My serious ( I use that term
loosely) gardening began with my move from the city to the country......a
familiar story and so started a changing relationship with the world around

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