Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Front Garden

I can take no credit for these gum (eucalyptus) trees that surround my house....they were already here. The front garden was a mess of holly, cherry laurel, radiata pine and monbretia when we bought the house. These are all classified as weeds in the Blue Mountains due to their invasive nature and ability to strangle the bush.

Our main task has been to remove the invaders ( has taken years) and re-generate with local native species. Some have been planted while some have come up on their own as the weeds were removed. I have no ability to simulate the wonder of nature so the front garden is a bushy, informal garden that attempts to sit within the landscape - but it's a garden!

We don't water the front garden at all which is why local indigenous species have been used. More planting needs to be done - it's on the list!

Okay - this is native mint but not the local kind. It's Prosanthera Rotundifolia not
P. lasianthos which has white flowers. I planted it when we first arrived and I still like it's showy purple flowers. When you crush the leaves, they smell minty.

The front path.


Anonymous anaglyph said...

Awww.... it looks so beautiful. How are you doing for water?

8:01 am  
Blogger Linda+Nada said...

Ordering rain water tanks this week! The front garden get only rainfall except when we are establishing plants but the back garden with vegetables etc is thirsty. Mulching helps alot.

There has been a rush on water tanks with earliest delivery being Xmas but waits of up to 3 months are the norm.

Quite apart from the garden, we should really have tanks in the event of bushfires. So as I said ordering this week!

9:00 am  

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